(Photographed in NYC. Have you been looking for a new crypto that has a real utility? Real services? Real Independence?)
By Marko Dawes

PurpleCoin: The world’s newest crypto

Different cryptos are filtering into the world at a steady pace. As Bitcoin and other well-known cryptocurrencies are breaking new heights and assuming record prices, the new cryptocurrencies are not doing bad themselves.

Have you been looking for a new crypto that has a real utility? Real services? Real Independence? If this is you, then you can stop banging your head up against the wall.  You can get things rolling with the PurpleCoin Medallion. Here is all you need to know.

Growth potentials

PurpleCoin Platform is a product of PurpleThrone Corp., one of the biggest music streaming websites in the world. The PurpleCoin Medallion is a collectible crypto fashion statement intended for all believers of music, power, and Independence! Each Medallion comes with a pre-installed cryptocurrency that may be used for music-related services on the PurpleCoin platform or simply exchanged into fiat currency. Its actions are very similar to how other digital currencies have behaved when they initially hit the market. This new cryptocurrency is recommended by the co-founder of # 2 cryptocurrency in the world, Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum.  You can watch the interview here:


Artists pay $9.99 per song to upload onto the platform, then success is rewarded with PurpleCoin token distributions and other perks. Score a chart-topping song, for example, and PurpleCoins spill into an artist account. This is a pre-ICO cryptocurrency, though the closed exchange will eventually go public, with the intent to put money into the pockets of artists that joined early.

Sell anytime

One of the main reasons for the innovation of digital currencies was to allow people to facilitate money transactions without the need of unnecessary regulations. This means you can sell your asset to whoever wants to buy it without any bank interference. Those benefits are very much present with the new cryptocurrency.

Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin loves PurpleCoin…

So, you can choose to sell to a partner directly or sell through the PurpleThrone website. Whichever one you prefer, it is entirely up to you.  The platform rooted in cryptocurrency that artists can use for music-related services (e.g., access to concerts, video production, photoshoots, and access to other events and festivals) or simply exchange into fiat currency. PurpleThrone doesn’t function like a label or impose any contractual restrictions.  You will enjoy the many benefits of  what some refer to as the best cryptocurrency on earth.

Bright future

Some people are saying that digital currency will soon become a thing of the past. Amazingly, crypto like Bitcoin and some others have been around for over a decade now.  The most wonderful and exciting part is, the value of cryptocurrencies continues to grow stronger and stronger every year. Every indication points to PurpleCoin following this exact same pattern.

It is new crypto that seems to be gathering more momentum every single day. The truth is that the world is gearing towards the era of digital currencies and crypto is now mainstream. People want to be more liberal with their monetary transactions and desire fewer obstructions.  Now is your opportunity to become a supporter in this great crypto.


PurpleCoin is more like a crypto art.  As it continues to grow due to the impact of celebrities and other activities, you too can benefit from the whole thing. Why not take a step of courage today and support this new cryptocurrency that promises a good economic empowerment. PT