Raymond Bach, PurpleThrone Director of Artist's Relations...
By Raymond Bach

The PurpleThrone Music Review.

My name is Raymond Bach, the Artist’s Relation’s Director here at PurpleThrone.

Thank you for submitting your song for review, any genre is welcome and I will give you an honest review. I also encourage you that if you have a video to join our platform. Only $9.99 to upload your video and join our growing community of artists. Opportunities for real royal payments based on our PurpleCoin cryptocurrency as well as a number of services. We can feature you on all our social media platforms and we are a non-exclusive platform. We are the home for independent music, as we grow so does your opportunity. We have over 350K subscribers and 1500 artists, free app download for the iPhone and the Droid version in production. We are open to all genres from around the world. We are all about competition, recognition and compensation. If you’ve got what it takes, join the revolution with us at PurpleThrone!

Please send your music to:  PurpleThrone7@gmail.com